It’s Spring; flowers are blooming and life is pretty sweet.
One more thing to mention before I do yoga and then watch some more Sailor Moon: I absolutely LOVE my Enlightened Neighbor t-shirt from TeeFury. I want to be buried in this.

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The final cake I made this week was a chocolate rum cake using Captain Morgan Black. I frosted it with some mocha whipped cream frosting. Everything made from scratch with love for the woman who carried me in her uterus for 9 months- my mother.
The second cake I made was a diabetic friendly strawberry cake with a mocha whipped cream frosting. I used some of the leftover drizzle from my brother’s angel food cake and cut up some fresh strawberries plus sprinkled some sprinkles for looks. The cake and frosting made from scratch with love for my beloved stepmother.
The first thing I baked was a diabetic friendly angel food cake with a strawberry drizzle. All of this was made from scratch with love for my big brother. I’m a little disappointed with the consistency of this, but I am determined to work on getting it more airy and fluffy next time!
I’ve been on a baking spree due to three family birthdays this week. A shoutout to these paper baking pans for being an inexpensive way to bake my cakes and transport them, too. Thank you, Chinet!

Oh, Tumblr

I’ve been neglecting you because whenever I’m happy or content in my life (not having a boyfriend will do that) I just cannot write. Writing stems from all the pent up sadness that is yearning to get out. I mean, I have my off days but for the most part I’m at comfortable place. I’m learning to love myself more and more everyday. I just might end up being single forever..

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throughtheguiseofanartist asked: Very possible indeed! Nice to make your acquaintance, Heather! I'm Jack

Nice to meet you, Jack. I read through some of your writing. I like your style.

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